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Considering New Roof Construction in Orlando?

New roof construction in Orlando, Florida, is an exciting time for residential and commercial property owners. Our company works closely with home and business owners to ensure their roofing needs are met through professional building services. We design, plan, and prepare the premises for installation of any type of roofing style available.

Do you want to upgrade your current roof with something more reliable and long-lasting? Our contractors can build you a roof from start to finish using high-quality materials sourced from sustainable means. You'll be pleased to know that our team consists of GAF-certified structural engineers and contractors.

Since 2012, our company has taken all necessary steps to ensure we build rock-solid roofing systems for local area residents in The Sunshine State. With our team on the scene, you can have peace of mind that the roof above your head is infallible. Are you ready to get started with a FREE consultation and quote? Please call or email us right now to schedule roofing in Orlando.


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Brand New Roofs Have Many Benefits

A lot depends on your Orlando roof structure. It is the barrier between you and the elements so when it is compromised in any way, so are the contents of your home or business. Here are some amazing benefits of having a new roof installed:

  • Property Value - By adding a new roof to your home, you are increasing its value exponentially, which comes in handy when you'd like to sell.
  • Curb Appeal - It's incredible how much a new roof improves the look and appeal of your property from the outside. Nobody wants to see curling, discolored shingles.
  • Energy Efficiency - Old, outdated roofs are prone to allowing indoor air to escape and making a pathway for outdoor air to enter. That can significantly increase heating and cooling costs.
  • Matters of Health - Did you know that when roofs are prone to leaks, mold and mildew can grow in ceilings and walls? New roof construction nixes that problem ASAP.
  • Advanced Technology - With each passing year, roofing systems get better and better. When you upgrade to the latest model, you're ensuring the future of your property.

In addition, installing a new roof increases your ROI up to 67-70%! That's a whole lot of dough. Would you like to learn more about our building practices and the types of materials that we use? Great! Please visit our company blog page for a wealth of information.


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Exciting New Roof Construction in Orlando Awaits You!

We specialize in roof construction for existing structures as well as new homes and commercial properties that have not yet been built. One thing existing property owners need to consider is the condition of their roofing system. is it past its warranty? Have you had to have numerous repairs that always fail over time? Are you tired of your roof looking outdated and ugly?

If your roof is damaged beyond repair, we implore you to seek out new construction as soon as possible. Our roof construction methods in Orlando are straightforward and produce phenomenal results. Did you know that a damaged roof causes other structural problems to manifest? Before you know it, there are water stains on your ceiling, and you have mold growing behind your walls.

Malfunctioning roofs slowly start to break down buildings, and the end result is extremely costly repairs. We offer a no-obligation, FREE inspection service that tells you whether new construction or repair is needed.


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Orlando's Most Prestigious Roof Construction Company

Professional Roofing Orlando is the local area's #1 roof construction and installation team. Each contractor is proficient in all areas of roofing, such as repair, replacement, and emergency services. Planning your new construction project with one of our contractors is an experience like no other.

We care about your goals and what you are looking to get from your new roof. Many times homeowners are tired of having the same old roofing materials that they've had for years. We offer various types and styles like colored asphalt shingles, colored metal, cedar shakes, slate, and the ever-popular Florida salmon-colored tiles.

Our goal is to customize your roof to not only fit your home or commercial property but your needs. You can easily set up an appointment with our Orlando roofing company today by filling out the convenient online form that we've made available on our contact page.




See what our customers have to say:
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"The team at Professional Roofing Orlando do exactly what they say they will which is difficult to find these days. They completed a roof replacement for my house, taking down the old asphalt roof and installing a tile roof. Looks great now that they're done! Thanks for the high-quality service guys."
- Sam S.

Offering High-Quality Roofing Services in Orlando, Florida

Are you looking for residential or commercial roof repair, replacement, and installation services? We've got it covered! Don't forget; we also offer 24/7 roof repair for when life hands you lemons. Our company has the lowest, most competitive rates in the local area. We hope to serve you with affordable roofing soon.

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Professional Roofers Orlando values your confidence in our capabilities! We offer a variety of roofing services at affordable prices. Call us at (321) 342-3311
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