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FREE Roof Inspection for Orlando Property Owners!

Making sure your roof is in good condition is part of every home and commercial building owner's responsibility. But exactly how does one go about doing that? You can hire a reputable company to perform a roof inspection in Orlando, for starters.

Our company provides this valuable service completely free of charge, so you have nothing to lose. Since 2012, our company has been repairing roofing systems all over the Sunshine State. We are a GAF-certified business and follow all recommended guidelines to the letter.

There's nobody quite like our team when it comes to being thorough. If there's a problem with your roof, you can expect our contractors and structural engineers to find it and determine how the damages started. We specialize in all types of roofs for residential and commercial building owners.

From rubber to metal and everything in between, there's no roofing system we haven't covered. Are you ready to get started with your zero-cost roof assessment today? Please call our friendly staff to schedule an appointment.

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Why Can't I Inspect My Roof by Myself?

Well, you probably could, but we don't recommend that you do. Roofing inspections require experience and special tools that most home and business owners do not have. Plus, we'll give you a detailed roof inspection report for your Orlando property. Here are some more reasons to go pro:

  • Accurate Damage Evaluation - If you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that your roof is damaged, our experts can inspect the area and determine just how significant the damages are. That is very important!
  • Leak Detection - Not all leaks are pouring into your home...yet. Our job during an inspection is to locate minor leaks and stop them from becoming big problems.
  • Set-Up & Repair Drainage Mechanisms - Your gutters are integral to your roof's drainage system, and our inspectors ensure they're working correctly. Without gutters, there'd be an excessive weight on your structure.
  • Warranties & Insurance Claims - Should we find a problem with your roof, we can successfully procure a claim on your behalf and make sure your warranty lives up to its contract. It's much easier for a contractor to discuss matters with the claims department.
  • Increase Home Value - Having a professional roof inspection ensures the integrity of your system boosts the value of your assets.

Professional Roofing Orlando is here to make your life easier with high-quality roof inspection that won't cost you a dime. So let's get you on our roster today!

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Do Yourself a Favor and Get Orlando Roof Inspection Services!

The clock is ticking! Holding out on roof inspection at your Orlando home or commercial business isn't a wise choice. You could have damages above your head and not even know it until it's too late. By then, you'll have accumulated thousands of dollars in damages and could even put your family or patrons at risk.

Leaks in a roof can lead to mold growth that impacts the indoor air quality of your property. Having a roof inspection reveals any issues that might be lurking.

When we find something awry, we're able to piece together an infallible repair or replacement plan that makes sense and essentially saves you money. When there are damages present within your roofing system, they'll only get worse over time.

There's never been a hole in roofing materials or a faulty chimney that hasn't caused additional problems when not addressed. We don't want to see your investment go down the tubes when it's completely avoidable.

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We've Got Your Roofing Needs Covered!

We meet all of your roofing needs quickly and affordably, from inspections to rapid repairs. Our goal is to keep the structure over your head safe and stable for the long term.

If there are problems with shingles, gutters, the chimney, or other components, we'll find them and repair or replace the materials. There isn't an issue that we haven't come across when it comes to roof damages.

Our contractors have seen everything like storm damages, outdated roofs, and even poorly constructed roofing units.

We've got a solution to address every need. For the last decade, our company has honed itself into the successful entity that it is today. We always take our job very seriously. It's our pleasure to offer you a FREE inspection and estimate.



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"The team at Professional Roofing Orlando do exactly what they say they will which is difficult to find these days. They completed a roof replacement for my house, taking down the old asphalt roof and installing a tile roof. Looks great now that they're done! Thanks for the high-quality service guys."
- Sam S.

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Professional Roofing Orlando makes getting roof repair, replacement, installation, and new construction easy! We offer expert roofing services for residential and commercial customers and use high-quality materials. How can we help you today?

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